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Wicca, The Other Religion

July 1st 2008 18:40
"Religious Freedom," do those two words make you twitch, do you break out in a rash, and are you sitting there saying..."Yeah right?" If you're a pagan like myself, you've probably had at least some experience with "good Christian folk" trying to convince you that you're doomed, will most certainly burn in hell and worse. If you're one of the luckier ones, you've only been the butt of a few derogatory and hurtful remarks. However, on the other side, you may well have been subject to personal persecution including hate mail, harassing phone calls and even physical assaults and discrimination.

It's bad enough when it comes from the outside world...i.e. neighbors, co-workers, etc., but sometimes it may very well come from your own family members and friends...that's pretty tough to handle. Even worse, if you're a parent and your children aren't allowed to play with little Bobby across the street, because they don't go to church like the rest of the Children in the neighborhood. That's enough to make you want to lash out with a spell or two...but since most pagans believe in Karma and the Rule of 3...we can't and won't sink to the level of our advisary neighbors. Sadly everyone suffers, but particularly the children.

While it is true, that we always fear what we don't understand, I'm getting a wee bit weary of all the ignorance that the non-pagan community seems to exhude and indeed perpetuate.

Here then are some guidelines for the unenlightened and uninformed "others" who need a crash course in Wicca/Paganism. Please Note: I do not speak for all pagan religious factions...I speak of that which I know and am afiliated. Wicca and Earth Based Paganism. So here we go folks...

First it would behoove you to know that Wicca is a recognized religion and protected under the Constitution of the United States, so the next time you want to discriminate against me because I'm Wicca, think long and hard unless you'd like a lawsuit against you.

2. Wicca is an earth based religion which has reverence for Mother Earth. We believe that a spark of the divine resides in all of, me, your dog, my fish...That the hand of the god/dess is in everything and everyone. Therefore, we try to honor all beings...not just the ones that are cute, cuddly and fluffy.

Which brings me to #3, we don't sacrifice animals, foul, fish, or small children...we follow a code that states "HARM NONE." Meaning we honor god/dess by taking care of and protecting ALL of the creatures of the earth...again, not just the cutzie ones. The Harm None rule applies to people whom we don't particularly like as well. We try like heck to leave them alone, however, the same can NOT be said for those who dislike us.

4. We follow a code of Integrity, Honor, Truth while obeying the laws of the land.

5. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN NOR DO WE WORSHIP SATAN, THE DEVIL OR ANY OTHER NAME YOU MAY HAVE FOR THIS NEGATIVE ENTITY. Never have, never will. The Devil is a contrived notion made up by the Christians many centuries ago to scare the masses into submission and acceptance of their new religion.

6. We do NOT condemn other religions, everyone has a right to believe and worship in their own way. They are neither right nor wrong, better or worse...simply different. Sadly, most other religions can not say the same.

7. We do NOT drink blood, perform acts of violence, have sex with animals, denegrate ourselves or others, desecrate other religious places of worship or holy ground.

8. We take it as our duty to protect the earth. We will leave any place we visit in better condition than when we arrived. We do not litter, nor abuse the earth. We will take what it is we need for survival only and offer a pray of thanks as we take what is given to us. We participate in environmental and ecological projects and as stewards of the earth, try to instill in those around us the importance of doing the same.

9. We take responsibility for our own actions and understand that we must suffer the consequences of our mistakes or misdeeds.

Which brings me to #10. We believe in Karma and the Rule of Three...We believe that if we do an injustice to another being, that the ripple effect of those actions will reverberate back to us eventually. We don't know when, but we do know that when those ripples make their way back to us, they will be 3 times more harsh than when we perpetrated the initial injustice. Hence the adage: Ever mind the rule of 3, 3 times what you give returns to thee.
This lesson well you must learn, you only get what you do earn...

11. We align ourselves with the elements of, air, fire, water...those things that comprise the universe. We also align ourselves with the ebb and flow of the tides, the sun and moon, the changing of the seasons and the "turning of the wheel" which signifies, the birth, death and rebirth of everything in life.

12. Ours is a way of joy, celebrating life, the seasonal changes, the harvest, honoring our departed ancestors, working with the earth and her elements for the betterment of others. Providing aid, comfort, and healing to those who would seek our assistance.

I could go on and on, but, for those of you who've an open heart and mind, this is enough to enlighten you...for those of you who believe that yours is the ONLY way, well, there is nothing I can say that will change your narrow mind. You've been filled with rhetoric and brain washed since you were a child and you've never had the gumption to even look ouside of that box, to question what you're being fed and find the answers for yourself...Nothing one person or even 100 or 1000 could say will change what you think you know.

So In parting I have one question to ask those of you who are NOT pagan...
How many wars have been waged in the name of Wicca??? Now, how many wars have been waged in the name of Christianity? (And how many are still being waged as I write this...isn't most of the war in this world due to religious belief?) Sad, but true eh?
Wonder what your god thinks of all that?

Until next time...
White Willow


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Comment by Lilla

March 20th 2009 03:49
To me its about the battle of the sexes.

Earth Magic, Druid, Wiccan (female light, earth magic, Yin)

Roman Christianity, Overlord, Islamic patriarchy (male, dark, heaven, Yang).

I look forward to a new age of unity between the two, reunited, if that is possible?

Comment by Anonymous

March 20th 2009 12:12
Thanks for your commend "Enviro Warrior"...WW

Comment by Anonymous

March 20th 2009 12:12
Thanks for your commend "Enviro Warrior"...WW

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