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Now More Than Ever...Wiccan Ethics

March 10th 2009 15:50


Wiccans do have a clear ethical and moral system. It has distinct boundaries, despite certain Christian clergy claiming otherwise.
The key is that the determination of what is right and wrong is conducted by the goddess and the god and communicated to us in a very clear and succinct way, through our personal contact with the divine. Ethical responsibility is very important to us and is an inherent part of our spirituality and our religion.

Simply because there aren’t any written laws lain down in a book or formal documentation, doesn’t mean we are not moral and ethical people. Most of the lack of written rules and laws come from the centuries of persecution in which if someone were caught with a book of healing works, recipes, spells, etc. They were condemned to death as a witch by the Christian Church. Therefore, most of what we know has been taught one to the other, and handed down. Only now after centuries of living in the “dark” ages are we able to come into the light.

We take responsibility for our own actions. We do NOT blame another or some convoluted “devil” for “making us do it.” We must make sure that we act in the best interest of all. “Harm None” doesn’t just mean other people, but ourselves, the animals, and the earth itself. We are all connected spiritually, ecologically and physically and we must carefully weigh our actions with their consequences. Hence, many of us we are involved in Earth stewardship, ecological endeavors, and volunteering.

As an afterthought, I would like to go on record as saying that Wiccans are not less moral than our Christian counterparts. We do not engage in orgiastic rituals. However, we do not view our bodies as evil or sinful. When you read the “Charge Of The Goddess” there is a line in it that states: “…all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.” This simply means that in our everyday lives, cooking a meal, dancing to music, making love, even artistic endeavors become more sacred to us, more touched with joy and they are participated in with a great sense of respect, and awareness, an awareness stemming from our personal responsibility and NOT with looser morals.
Walk Softly On The Earth
Whyte Willow


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Comment by Strawbery

March 11th 2009 14:02
I understand there is a situation where "Christians" may not understand or condemn the Wiccan or Pagan faith, but I see no need to single them out...

Many people of the Christan faith do not understand me, but this day and age, who cares if Christians don't understand our values... if we stop focusing on them...maybe they will do the same?

I did enjoy the article though, it was a nice opinion

Blessed be,

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